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Inseparable Coil

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Prison Set

The film requires the protagonist, Daniel, to be incarcerated in a prison. An existing prison, Road Jail, is unfortunately unavailable as it is undergoing refurbishments for the next year or more. Scouting for other potential prisons, we found that the more modern prisons don't have the concrete walls and metal bars so commonly associated with prisons. The type of prison we are seeking is similar to the interior of Alcatraz. The desired mood for the prison is a place that is dark and dank; somewhere you'd not want to live.

With no suitable local locations we decided to build the prison set. Working from the storyboards and restricting the camera angles we determined that we could get away with just four cells. These cells can be moved around to provide a multitude of configurations.


Given four cells, the required layout was determined by using previsualisation. The cells were constructed on the computer and placed around the room.


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Using a virtual camera it is possible to determine the field of view from Daniel's prison cell. We can then determine how far away the other cells have to be in order to fill the field of view. Note that in the video below where the background is green, digital set extensions will be needed. For example the second floor of the prison will be added by duplicating the first floor.


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Cell Design

With the need to move cameras and lights in and around the cell, it was important that the ceiling and walls be removable while still maintaining the structural integrity of the cell.


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Cell Construction

The individual prison cells are constructioned using 3mm and 10mm MDF sheets with pine wood studs giving them support and structure. The metal bars are 20mm PVC piping with horizontal runs of wood.


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The walls are covered in 10mm foam blocks that are then painted and aged using paint brushes and spray. The metal doors are painted with black and metallic paint.


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Please note that the cells are not complete. Once they are finished, set dressing will include a double bunk bed, stainless steel toilet and wash basin as well as other items.

Photos of the final cells will be added here when they are finished.