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Inseparable Coil

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Final Cast for Inseparable Coil

Matt Kennard

Sam Kennard

Brendan Clearkin

Tony Bonner

Evert McQueen

Ozzie Devrish

Jacob Worth

Danielle Larkin

Diane Obeirne

Aash Aaron

Graham K. Furness

Over 300 people registered for the acting roles in the film. Auditions were then completed in both South-East Queensland and Sydney. The final cast is a balance of seasoned acting talent combined with fresh new faces.

The lead roles of Peter and Daniel will be played by twins Matt Kennard and Sam Kennard. Both brothers have extensive experience in British TV series. They are both pegged for the lead roles in the film Undivided that will be shooting next year. The brothers will be flying to the Gold Coast from England for the film shoot.

The role of Stan, the clever and manipulative lawyer, is being played by Brendan Clearkin. Brendan's recent work includes playing Richard Clarke in Offing David and Balan in Gabriel. He also featured in Clubland.

Tony Bonner, a veteran of Australian cinema, is playing the role of Doctor Peterson. His numerous credits comprise over 46 films, including The Man from Snowy River, Anzacs, The Light Horsemen, and The Adventures of Young Indian Jones: Daredevils of the Desert.

Evert McQueen will be playing the hitman. He has worked on The Condemned and The Underdog's Tale. He recently featured in The Horseman.

Ozzie Devrish, will be playing the part of a prison inmate. His recent work includes the films The Dark Lurking and Pistolero del diablo.

Jacob Worth will play Ben Hanson. Danielle Larkin will play Jessica, the babysitter. Diane Obeirne will play the hospital matron. Aash Aaron and Graham Furness will play the detectives.

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