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Inseparable Coil

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Feature Film

Inseparable Coil was always envisioned as a feature-length film. We had limited funds so decided to complete the first 20 minutes of the feature and then seek additional financing for the remainder.

Inseparable Coil is a film focused on melding high quality action with solid, realistic drama. Shot entirely digitally, the film uses a careful blend between the latest visual effects technologies and practical stunts and effects.

The feature film builds significantly on the story of the twins and answers many of the unresolved questions:

Who is the mother of the baby? Why would she offer it to Peter? What happened in their past to cause the twins to split? Who does Peter and Stan work for? Will Daniel decide to keep the newborn baby?

The remainder of the film is a rollercoaster ride of action and drama as Daniel is swept up in a race against time, the police, and a covert government organisation.

Seeking Investors

We are currently seeking investors who are interested in providing capital to complete the feature film.

Please contact David Gould for details on the feature film script, budget, and production plan.