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Inseparable Coil

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Daniel Sadowski to compose score for Inseparable Coil

"After David contacted me about Inseparable Coil, I was very excited to view the script. Since we had such an awesome experience on Awaken, we both knew that we wanted to work together again, and this was an excellent opportunity.

After reading Inseparable Coil, I was impressed at how much action and story was contained in the script. The hybrid mix of Action, Thriller, and Drama
really appealed to my style of music. Above all, just like in Awaken, the story had a heartbeat, and was layered with an emotional subtext, which strongly
appealed to me.

David also mentioned that he would be filming with some very state of the art cameras, and would be creating some cutting edge CGI for the film. The use of technology that David incorporates into his films is really inspiring to me as a composer, in that it really pushes me to create something from an audio standpoint, that will be just as cutting edge.

All of these factors inspired me to come on board the film, and we are both excited to see what type of musical palette and language that I can create for this project."

-Daniel Sadowski

Some of Daniel's Current projects include the feature film "The Long March" (Theatrical Realease/Velvet Octopus) and a 70 minute, cutting edge score for a triple AAA video game based on a world class IP for the (Playstation 3 and XBOX 360). For more information visit his website at