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Casting Father Lead Role


The deadline is the 14th April. No further submissions will be accepted after this date.

Project Overview

Eight experienced film teams from around the world have been invited to Rarotonga as part of the FilmRaro challenge to shoot a short film so that we may share our knowledge and experience in filmmaking with the local people. In the long term this will enable the people of Rarotonga to make their own films so that their unique voices, stories, and culture can be showcased around the world. Everyone is offering their time and expertise for free.

The short film will be shot and finished over two weeks in May

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The film is about a young boy, Toby, who arrives on Rarotonga with his mother and her fiancée. The couple have come to the island to get married, but Toby’s against it. While still coming to terms with his own father’s death, Toby desperately wants to fly home by any means possible. He steals the wedding rings hoping to sell them to pay for his travel. During his escape he meets an old Rarotongan fisherman, Hahona, who shows Toby that telling the truth can reap rewards far beyond what you’d expected.


Robert, his fiancee Amy and her son Toby have flown to the Cook Islands where the couple are to get married. Toby is still coming to terms with his own father's death and hasn't accepted Robert into his life. Robert wants to bond with Toby but he isn't given a chance. Robert makes several attempts and in the end attempts to protect Toby from the local police when Toby steals the wedding rings.


Must be available from the 15th of May to the 26th of May 2013. If you aren't available during these times please do not apply.

Shooting Location

You must have a passport and be ready to fly to Rarotonga in the Cook Islands on 15th of May and return on the 26th of May.

Age Range

Actors need to be aged between 30 and 45 years old.


As this film is part of a charity to help teach the local people how to make film none of the cast and crew are being paid. As such you will need to cover your flights and accomodation. This is a unique opportunity to be involved with award winning filmmakers (see IMDB credits). Our goals are to gain maximum exposure for the film via film festivals as well as the efforts of FilmRaro to promote filmmaking in their country.


Auditions are to be completed via the internet.

  1. Download the Audition Text and learn it. Click here for the Audition Text
  2. Film your audition using a digital camcorder.
  3. Upload your filmed audition to the interent. Suggested upload video sites include YouTube or Vimeo. Alternatively send a link to the video using SendIt.
  4. Send the link to your audition video along with your contact details to