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Awaken is being rendered using the latest innovations from NVIDIA, the world's leading graphics manufacturer. Powered by NVIDIA Quadro FX professional graphics and the company's innovative Gelato Pro final-frame rendering software, the production pipeline at David Gould Studios will easily serve the needs of the studio well beyond the release of Awaken.

"NVIDIA is the undisputed world leader and sets the pace for technological innovation in computer graphics. We are extremely pleased to collaborate with them," said David Gould. "NVIDIA's Quadro FX graphics cards provide an immediate increase in productivity for all our artists, whether it be for modelling, animating, and now for final rendering. Leveraging the amazing processing power of these cards, the Gelato renderer has already produced significant gains in both final image quality as well as rendering times. The Gelato Pro tools allow us to do interactive tweaking of our lighting and renders. We can now work at interactive speeds on the final images. In practical terms, this means that we now spend more time making better images rather than waiting around for long renders. With NVIDIA's strong commitment to advancing this technology we foresee the Gelato Pro renderer becoming our principal rendering tool for this and all future productions."

Larry Gritz, NVIDIA's chief architect of Gelato, added, "It's great to be working with David Gould Studios. They're on the creative edge and will push the Gelato Pro renderer and the Quadro FX graphics to the limits, producing great images as well as valuable feedback to improve our products."