Sending the Application ID | Receiving the Application ID


The Illustrate! plugin is protected via the hardware lock that was supplied with your copy of 3DS MAX. When you authorize the plugin you will effectively be tying the plugin to your hardware lock. Be sure that you install the plugin on the machine with the hardware lock that you routinely work on. Once the plugin is authorized for a particular hardware lock you can't change it.

Sending the Application ID

To authorize the plugin complete the following:

  1. Run 3DS MAX.
  2. Click on the Illustrate! menu item.
  3. You will be presented with a notification that you need to authorize the plugin to render. Click on OK.
  4. If this is a new scene the Rendering Wizard will then start. Click on Cancel.
  5. In the Illustrate! window click on the Authorization button(key icon).
  6. Click on Copy next to the Application ID to copy it to the clipboard.

    Whenever quoting the Application ID be sure to include the hyphens(-).

  7. Send this Application ID to Digimation using one of the following means.

    If you choose to send your registration via email be sure to include all the information on the Authorization Form included with your software. Failure to do so will slow and/or prevent processing. Whichever means you use to register ensure you include your email address.


    (504) 468-7898 Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm


    (504) 468-5494


Keep your Authorization Code in a safe place. If you forgot it you can always retreive it by click on Authorize. It will display the Authorization Code for the current hardware lock if it has previously been authorized.

Receiving the Authorization Code

Once you've sent the Application ID, Digimation will send you back the Authorization code.

  1. Click on the Authorization button(key icon)
  2. Copy your Authorization Code into the Authorization field. If you received the code via email you can copy it from your email program and select Paste to paste in the code
  3. Click on the Authorize button to complete the authorization.

If the Authorization Code was correct the plugin will now be authorized and you will have access to all the features for an unlimited time.