Television Series

"Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex"
Production: Production I.G.

"Rendering was the most important aspect and I.G developed their own cel-shader plug-in for Lightwave 3D. For 3ds max renders, I.G relied on David Gould’s Illustrate! cel-shader plug-in."

Sakurai Yoshiki

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Production: IJsfontein Interactive Media
Produced and Broadcast Daily


"3DS MAX was used to model and animate the characters in front of pre-built backgrounds. Illustrate! was used to achieve a bright and clear cartoon style and the speedy rendering times that were necessary to create about one minute of animation a day."

Metin Seven - Lead Modeler

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"Junior Wrap Around"
Production: Trickompany
300 x 30 seconds

"After trying various toon shaders, we found that Illustrate! gave us exceptional results and proved indispensable in giving "Junior" it's original cel look."

Bernie Denk - Director

Shown in over 5 countries!

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"Les Journuls"
Production: Klik Animation

"We choose Illustrate! for our production ( Le JourNul de Francois Perusse ) because of its quality and speed of process, we test other cartoon renderer and Illustrate! is really the fastest, with our series we need to render more than 2000 frames in NO TIME and Illustrate! give us the best results."

Laurent Abecassis - Technical Director

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"Avenue Amy"
Production: Curious Pictures

"I had to integrate cg shots seamlessly into an entirely hand drawn show. We chose to do some of the work in CG because the shots would have been too time consuming and difficult with traditional methods. We were able to pull this off with Illustrate!."

Lewis Kofsky - Technical Director

Shown at SIGGRAPH 2000 Electronic Theatre!

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