Animated Feature Films


"Corto Maltese: La Cour Secrete des Arcanes"


"I tested all the line rendering systems (five in total) that I could find before the major start of the production. Illustrate! was the only one that gave me the possibility to have the lines where I wanted them and how I wanted them.

It was very important that the final look of the trains match the model sheets. This also applied to the colors. Each part had its own specific RGB value including a custom shadow color (this wasn't the result of simply darkening the original color).
The Illustrate! material gave me everything I needed.


Oh yes, Illustrate! is fast! It renders very fast."

Dominique Gantois - 3D Supervisor

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"Tom Sawyer"


"I have tried virtually all other "animation", "cel", "cartoon", or hidden line renderers out there for MAX and none offer subtle transparency controlsand colored lighting like Illustrate! does. Illustrate also saves me time by not forcing me to spend a couple days in the material editor like the others. My modeling time is faster and face counts smaller because of Illustrate's ability to detect intersecting surfaces in the models. Illustrate! has speed and quality anti-aliasing, giving me the opportunity to output feature film resolution images."

Sean Platter - Art Director

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