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Complete Maya Programming (Volume I)
An Extensive Guide to MEL and the C++ API

  • Demonstrates how to use MEL to control Maya, customize its interface, automate procedures, and more
  • Details how to use the C++ API to modify Maya functionality and develop tools and features to meet any need
  • Provides a multitude of real-world examples illustrating applications of Maya programming
  • Explains when to use MEL, when to use the C++ API, and how to use them together
  • Ideal for technical directors, developers, or anyone wishing to to master Maya

Complete Maya Programming (Volume II)
An In-depth Guide to 3D Fundamentals, Geometry, and Modeling

  • Written with a focus on problem-solving so each area is covered in detail with solutions provided in both MEL and C++ API.
  • Detailed coverage and application of computer graphics concepts: points, vectors, rotations, matrices, transformations, and hierarchies.
  • Covers all of Maya's geometry types, including polygonal meshes, NURBS curves, NURBS surfaces, and hierarchical subdivision surfaces.
  • Extensive coverage of the creation, display, editing, construction history, and modeling of each Maya's geometry types.
  • The creation of custom modeling tools is presented with complete applications.