Complete Maya Programming (Volume I)
An Extensive Guide to MEL and the C++ API

By David A. D. Gould


English, Chinese, Russian, and Japanese




Morgan-Kaufmann Publishers

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Finally, here is a practical, step-by-step guide that shows how to use Maya to its fullest potential, beginning with the basics. Readers of Complete Maya Programming will first gain a thorough understanding of Maya's inner workings, then learn how to customize and extend Maya with scripts and plugins that take control and productivity to new levels.

Users new to programming can apply Maya's easy scripting language, MEL (Maya Embedded Language), while more advanced users can work with the C++ API (Application Progamming Interface). Both a fundamental tutorial for Maya beginners and a solid reference for experienced developers, Complete Maya Programming is every user's guide to Maya mastery.


Critical Acclaim!

"David's book is an excellent learning tool and reference for novice and veteran Maya developers alike. Maya developers can become more productive with MEL and the Maya API by applying what they learn from this book."

- Tracy Narine, Maya API Technical Lead, Alias

"David Gould is an expert at using, programming, and teaching Maya, and it shows. People who need to program Maya will find this book essential. Even Maya users who don't intend to do extensive programming should read this book for a better understanding of what's going on under the hood. Compact yet thorough, it covers both MEL and the C++ API, and is written to be informative for both novice and expert programmers. Highly recommended!"

- Larry Gritz, Exluna/NVIDIA (coauthor of Advanced Renderman: Creating CGI for Motion Pictures)

"If you ever wanted to open the Maya toolbox, this is your guide. With clear step-by-step instructions, you will soon be able to customize and improve the application, as well as create your own extensions, either through the MEL scripting language or the full C++ API."

- Christophe Hery, Industrial Light & Magic (Scientific Academy Award winner)

"This book should be required reading for all Maya programmers, novice and expert alike. For the novice, it provides a thorough and wonderfully well thought-out hands-on tutorial and introduction to Maya. The book's greatest contribution, however, is that in it David shares his deep understanding of Maya's fundamental concepts and architecture, so that even the expert can learn to more effectively exploit Maya's rich and powerful programming interfaces."

- Philip J. Schneider, Disney Feature Animation (Coauthor of Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics)

"Having provided a technical review of David Gould's Complete Maya Programming, I must say that this book is the definitive text for scripting and plug-in development for Maya. Never before has there been such a concise and clearly written guide to programming for Maya. Any user smart enough to pick up this book would be better off for it."

- Chris Rock, A Large Animation Studio in Northern California

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